GOFLUO’s Bodyglower Hi-Vis Vest Review

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GOFLUO, a Belgium-based clothing company, is on a mission to revolutionize the way we look at safety wear. They aim to replace the conventional orange hi-vis traffic vest with something more appealing to the fashion-conscious individual.

According to GOFLUO, people wearing regular clothing are only visible from about 20 to 50 meters. However, when wearing their “bodyglower” reflective vest, visibility can be extended up to 150 meters away, which is more than a football field away.

I tested out the Darkflow ($75) bodyglower. This hi-vis vest comes in bright rainbow colors with a beautiful hem that adds to its appeal during the day. At night, the reflective fabric shines brightly, making it perfect for your daily commute. The vest also features a longer back, hoodie, and two-way zip to provide more versatility and comfort. The longer back makes it very comfortable when riding my e-bike.

During my ride in low light conditions, the vest began reflecting in a car’s headlights when the car seemed hundreds of yards away. It felt like a futuristic piece of clothing.

Two of GoFluo's reflective vests hanging in front of a fence.
The women’s Darkflow bodyglower (left) and the men’s North bodyglower (right).

In addition to its reflective qualities, Bodyglower is also water repellent. As a regular e-bike commuter in rainy Seattle, I appreciate the vest’s water repellent feature. While GOFLUO does make raincoats, I chose a vest that I could layer over my raincoat. This way, I have the flexibility to wear the vest over a lighter layer or even a T-shirt during evening rides in warmer months.

Tyler tested out the North ($75). Inspired by the ethereal green glow of the northern lights, the North bodyglower not only looks cool but also brings safety and style together.

Tyler on an e-bike wearing GoFluo's bodyglower high-vis vest.
Tyler loves the North bodyglower. It’s soo reflective. He sized down one size so that it can be worn over a sweatshirt or light jacket.

One aspect worth mentioning for potential buyers is sizing. These vests are designed to be worn over winter jackets or parkas. So if you plan to wear it with lighter clothing, it’s advisable to size down. In Tyler’s case, sizing down to a Medium from his usual Large proved a much better fit for wearing over a lightweight jacket. I sized down as well. We don’t often wear heavy winter parkas on the e-bike, so I think this smaller size will be best.

The GOFLUO bodyglower will become a staple in Tyler’s and my evening commuter wardrobe, especially during the fall and winter.

Oh, also they offer options for kids along with bags and other accessories. Plus, they ship to most parts of the world.

All in all, GOFLUO reflective vests are more than just a safety garment. They are a fashion statement that doesn’t compromise on function. With their appealing design, exceptional reflective qualities, and practical water-repellent feature, they are a valuable addition to an e-bike commuters wardrobe.

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