Who We Are

We are Tyler and Jody, a husband and wife team of two. We founded E-Bike Commuting to help people commute by e-bike. We love all sorts of cycling from road, to mountain, to e-biking, and are known for being “that cycling family” in the neighborhood.

Jody and Tyler riding bikes in the Presidio, San Francisco
Jody and Tyler enjoying a scenic detour on their commute home

We’ve found that more and more friends and neighbors are reaching out to us with questions about our e-bikes. Our goal with ebikecommuting.com is to help people feel confident about their next e-bike purchase.

We were commuting by (regular) bike for more than a decade, but in 2019 Tyler purchased our family’s first e-bike. While he loved avoiding car traffic and gas prices with his regular bike, and generally just had better mental and physical health when he commuted by bike, some of the downsides of riding to work on a regular bicycle started to get to him. The biggest issue was that after his commute, he showed up to work sweaty and had to awkwardly change in the bathroom stall at the office.

So he bought a RadCity e-bike for his daily 5-mile commute and has never looked back, quickly reaching 1,500 miles on it within a couple of years. At the start of 2021, after our first child was born, Jody followed suit with a RadRunner for running errands and day care drop-offs.

Electric bicycles are quickly becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation to commute to work, school, or run errands. And we understand why – commuting by car is expensive, is bad for your mental and physical health, and not to mention its contribution to climate change. But with all the e-bike choices out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Over the past 4 years, we’ve researched and test ridden all sorts of e-bikes. We’ve also scoured the internet and the Pacific Northwest bike community to get first hand accounts on different e-bikes. On ebikecommuting.com, you’ll find our top picks and straightforward recommendations!