Vvolt is an e-bike company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, an urban environment that sees above-average rates of bicycle and e-bike commuting. Vvolt draws inspiration from Portland’s multimodal transit culture to drive its own vision for the future of short-trip transportation.

Vvolt’s product line focuses on ease of use, low maintenance, and affordability. The company is not only innovating in e-bikes but also exploring other electric vehicles designed to cater to a broader range of physical abilities. Vvolt firmly believes that electric mobility should be accessible and appealing to everyone, aiming to make a significant impact on community revitalization and environmental sustainability.

Vvolt distinguishes itself from other e-bike companies by offering a three-year warranty. This demonstrates their confidence in the quality of their e-bikes.

Below, you will find our comprehensive reviews of several of Vvolt’s e-bikes. We highly recommend the Centauri and Sirius models.

Vvolt E-Bike Reviews