The Best E-Bikes for Commutes in 2024

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As we enter 2024, we are making significant changes to our top list of e-bikes. The VanMoof S3, which was last year’s top pick, and the RadCity 5 Plus, the runner-up, are no longer included. Rest in peace, VanMoof 💀💀💀.

After extensively testing numerous e-bikes over the past three years, we have identified some new favorites for 2024. In this post, I will guide you through our top choices, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. At E-Bike Commuting, our mission is to encourage more people to switch from cars to e-bikes for their daily commutes. We hope this list of our favorite e-bikes will assist you in achieving that.

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Note: The prices listed are the full retail prices as of December 2023. The companies frequently offer sales, so visit their websites to find the discounted prices.

Our Pick


Side angle view of a white Omega e-bike in front of the Puget Sound.
The Omega is an e-bike with a relaxed riding position and a powerful motor that makes it sneaky fast.

What we like about it

EVELO is a Seattle-based e-bike company that has been manufacturing e-bikes since 2012, and their experience shows. Their e-bikes are of outstanding quality, and their customer service is excellent. One feature that stands out is their 21-day at-home trial. If you are not satisfied with the e-bike within the first 21 days, EVELO offers a full refund and will even cover the cost of boxing it up and shipping it back. This level of guarantee is unheard of in the e-bike industry, as most other companies charge restocking fees of up to 50%.

The Omega e-bike from EVELO is impressive. The Omega ships as a Class 2 e-bike and it can be configured to have a top speed of 25 mph. The bike weighs 64 pounds and has a 750-watt mid-drive motor with 115 newton meters of torque. Plenty of power and torque to get you up the hills on your commute.

It uses a torque sensor with it’s 5 levels of pedal assist, has a throttle, and has a fully integrated frame battery that gives you up to 60 miles of range.

There are two impressive features of the Omega e-bike. Firstly, it has a remarkably fast performance. The motor operates so quietly that it can be considered “sneaky”. I have never ridden an e-bike with such a silent motor before.

Secondly, the Omega utilizes Enviolo’s automatic shifting system. By connecting to the Enviolo app and setting your preferred cadence (in my case, 75rpm), the hub seamlessly adjusts gears according to the terrain, ensuring you maintain your desired cadence. This eliminates the need to worry about shifting gears and allows you to fully enjoy the ride.

The Omega also benefits from the innovative Gates carbon belt drive, which provides quiet and low-maintenance operation. Additionally, the plush tires enhance comfort and control on any type of terrain. With its high-quality components and sturdy construction, the Omega offers exceptional performance and long-lasting durability, making it an ideal choice for riders who prioritize both power and reliability.

EVELO’s attention to detail is evident in the small port located at the rear of the frame, specifically designed for the optional range extender. This dedicated port adds a great deal of convenience.

All in all, the Omega is an outstanding e-bike.

Where it falls short

The only drawback is that it’s not suitable for tall people. The maximum recommended height is 6’2″. As someone who is 6’2″, I agree with their recommendation. While it was certainly comfortable to ride, I could tell that anyone taller might find the geometry awkward.

What we’ve heard around town

  • “The customer service has been phenomenal.”
  • “I don’t think you can go wrong with any bike from EVELO.”
  • “It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to e-bikes”

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Runner Ups

Priority Current

a sideview of the Priority Current in black

What we like about it

Last summer, I rode the Priority Current 215+ miles from Seattle to Portland (here’s a video I made about that experience). From the moment I hopped on the Priority Current, I knew I was in for a solid e-bike experience.

What really caught my attention was its versatility as a Class 1 e-bike, offering a comfortable 20mph speed, but with the nifty option to rev it up to a Class 3, pushing speeds up to 28mph. Depending on my daily commute, which sometimes craves that extra zip, this flexibility is a huge plus. However, I did notice that boosting it to Class 3 does nibble away at the battery range. Normally, the 500 watt battery would take me about 20 to 50 miles, but in Class 3 mode, that range shrinks to around 15 to 25 miles.

Living in an area with its fair share of hills, the Current’s powerful 500 watt mid-drive motor is a game changer. I’ve always believed that torque trumps watts in e-bikes, and the Current proves my point. Its impressive 140nm max torque outshines many others I’ve tried, offering the acceleration I need for those steep inclines. It absolutely crushed the 215 mile Seattle to Portland ride I took it on this past summer.

Choosing between the Shimano and the Enviolo hub, which is a $200 uptick, I’d recommend the Enviolo hub. The smooth shifting, free from the constraints of fixed gear ratios, makes finding the perfect gear for any slope a breeze.

As someone who doesn’t exactly fit the ‘average’ size, I appreciate that the Current comes in three sizes. It caters to a wide range of heights, from around 5’4” to 6’7”, making it a great option for almost anyone.

But what really seals the deal for me with the Priority Current is the company’s customer service. It’s not just good; it’s rave-worthy. In the world of e-bikes, where customer support can be hit or miss, Priority stands out, making the whole experience of owning and riding the Current that much more satisfying.

Where it falls short

The Current doesn’t have a throttle, which makes getting started at a red light a bit slower. It’s not a deal breaker for me in the end because not all e-bikes have throttles but I do like the e-bikes that have them.

The Current is missing front suspension, resulting in feeling every bump along the way. One potential solution to mitigate this is to add your own seat suspension post, which would likely provide some relief.

One additional drawback is that the range extender battery pack necessitates rewiring some of the electronics in the motor compartment. Additionally, it introduces a wire along the back of the bike that seems out of place. It would have been preferable if Priority had followed EVELO’s approach and included an integrated port for the range extender with internal wiring.

What we’ve heard around town

  • “I love Priority’s great customer service and support”
  • “Both of my Current’s have developed creaks from the motor mounts/screws when under heavy load, such as climbing a hill”
  • “I’m very pleased with it after two 10 mile roundtrip commutes”
  • “Mine handles the hills where I live no problem”
  • “Love the belt drive and IGH combo on my Current!”

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Aventon Aventure.2

Side view of the Aventure.2 e-bike, next to a lake

What we like about it

First off, the Aventure.2 e-bike offers great value for money. Aventon has done an excellent job of creating a well-built and powerful e-bike that is priced at under $2,000.

The Aventure.2 model is equipped with an impressive 750-watt motor (with a peak power of 1130 watts). I found it to be very powerful. With its large 26″ X 4″ Inova puncture-resistant tires and front suspension, it felt like a beast while riding on the rough and pothole-filled city streets of Seattle.

The e-bike has a range of 20 to 60 miles, depending on the pedal assist level being used, making it suitable for various lengths of commutes.

One notable upgrade from the previous model is the switch from a cadence sensor to a torque sensor. The torque sensor matches your pedaling cadence, providing a more natural riding experience.

Another improvement from the previous model is the faster response of the throttle. In the Aventure.2, the power kicks in much more quickly when the throttle is engaged.

The Aventure.2 is available in both step-over and step-through frames, catering to different rider preferences and sizes. Both options offer comfortable riding positions, but personally, as someone who is 6’2″, I found the step-over frame to be slightly better.

It comes with a full-color display that tracks your rides and can be connected to the Aventon app, which is a nice additional feature.

The Aventure includes a rear rack, fenders, and integrated front and rear lights. It also has turn signals, although they are not very noticeable and feel more gimmicky than practical.

It’s worth mentioning that Aventon provides a two-year warranty for their e-bikes.

Where it falls short

Weighing 77 pounds, it is one of the heavier e-bikes on the list. While not a deal-breaker, this e-bike is probably not ideal for someone living in a small walk-up apartment who needs to carry it up multiple flights of stairs, unless of course you are Jason Momoa.

According to online reports, there have been instances where the disc brake rotors on the Aventon Aventure 2 have been known to create a resonating sound at specific speeds. However, during my personal test rides with the Aventure, I did not encounter this issue.

What we’ve heard around town

  • “Very fast, torque sensor is good and the tires give a comfortable ride on mixed surface.”
  • “I liked mine so much my girlfriend bought one as well.”
  • “No problems and with the bigger frame and tires, it rolls smoothly over almost any bumps.”
  • “It looks and feels like a quality bike.”
  • “Bumping the throttle for a start off the line or up a hill is awesome.”

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Best Budget E-Bike

Vvolt Alpha

The Vvolt Alpha e-bike in the color Slate on a sandy river bank

What we like about it

Vvolt, based in Portland, is a relatively new player in the e-bike industry. Despite their short time in the market, they have managed to deliver high-quality e-bikes at affordable prices.

I have personally tested several of their e-bikes, and I must say that the Alpha model stands out as one of the best options in the $1,000 price range. It is lightweight and highly maneuverable, making it perfect for individuals living in apartments or needing to use public transportation.

One of the standout features of the Alpha is the Gate Carbon belt drive, typically found in higher-end e-bikes. This is a significant selling point, as it provides a maintenance-free drivetrain.

In terms of design, the Alpha boasts a sleek look with an integrated battery, giving it the appearance of a traditional bicycle. This low-profile design adds to the overall e-bike riding experience.

Where it falls short

The rear hub motor is relatively small, providing only 45 Nm of torque and it’s a single speed. All of this means that it’s best suited for flat commutes. While it can handle some hills, you may struggle on long, steep climbs.

Unfortunately, Vvolt chose to use a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor, resulting in a less natural riding experience.

There is no throttle available. Personally, I prefer commuter e-bikes that have a throttle feature.

What we’ve heard around town

  • “A great price for what you get.”
  • “The single speed is a downer at times.”
  • “I really like the stealthy appearance of this e-bike.”
  • I’ve been riding the Alpha around Portland, and it’s just perfect for city life – light and nimble.”
  • “The Alpha’s lightweight frame has been a lifesaver – carrying it upstairs is no hassle at all.”
  • “So much fun to ride!”

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Best Folding E-Bike

Gocycle G4I

What we like about it

Hands down this is best folding e-bike out there. It is incredibly light, well built, and surprisingly fast.

While Brompton is considered by many to be the gold standard when it comes to folding bikes, their e-bike models feels like DIY kits with bolted on batteries.

Not Gocycle. It’s clear they’ve spent hundreds of hours designing this exceptional folding e-bike.

The G4i weighs only 37.7 lbs, making it remarkably lightweight for an e-bike. This feature allows for easy transportation on public transit or up stairs, distinguishing it from other folding e-bikes that tend to be heavier in comparison.

The G4i is exceptionally well-engineered and can fold down very compactly. When folded, it has a well-balanced weight, making it easy to carry. I also appreciate how Gocycle has covered the disc brakes to prevent any potential injuries when folding and unfolding the bike.

Equipped with a 375-watt hour battery, the G4i offers an impressive 50-mile range, greatly alleviating “range anxiety” for riders. This represents a 25% increase compared to the G4 model.

The bike also features predictive shifting, allowing you to focus on pedaling and enjoying your ride without the need to search for the right gear.

Where it falls short

The Gocycle uses mostly proprietary parts, which means that if it needs repair, you need to visit one of their limited dealers in the U.S.

While the LED-based dashboard display looks cool and futuristic, the use of color-coded LED indications was almost impossible for me to see in daylight.

What we’ve heard around town

  • “The G4 just rocks it. I have three ebikes and the G4i is my commuting bike”
  • “It rolls when folded and that is priceless for getting on trains or walking thru stations.”
  • “If you can afford the gocycle I wouldn’t consider anything else.”
  • “The G4i is fantastic and it doesn’t feel like a folder when your riding at all, riding position is great, and its quick.”

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