EVELO (pronounced E-velo) is a Seattle based direct to consumer e-bike company. EVELO introduced their first models, the Aries and Aurora, in 2012. Some design characteristics of the Aries were incorporated into the Omega. However, it is their Atlas model that has gained the most attention. Robert Fletcher rode the Atlas from Alaska to Panama, completing the longest continuous e-bike trip, which is a world record.

The Omega model is known for its easy and comfortable riding experience, thanks to its upright posture and automatic shifting. On the other hand, the Atlas is a more typical commuter e-bike with a slightly more aggressive riding posture. In addition to these models, EVELO also offers a folding e-bike called the Dash.

Based on our personal experience, we find the Atlas to be superior to the Omega. To find out why, read our reviews below.

When it comes to the quality of their e-bikes, EVELO stands behind their products. They offer a 4-year warranty and a 21-day at-home trial. If you are not satisfied with their e-bike within 21 days, they will pay for the return shipping and give you a full refund with no hidden restocking fees. This level of service is unparalleled in the industry.

Another aspect where EVELO excels is their commitment to customer service. They ensure that their support line is staffed by e-bike mechanics and specialists, not customer service representatives who may lack knowledge about e-bikes.

Lastly, EVELO has a section on their website called “Open Box Bikes,” which features e-bikes that were returned or exchanged during the 21-day trial period. Each of these e-bikes has been overhauled by a mechanic. If you don’t mind purchasing a lightly used e-bike, this is a great opportunity to find a deal, typically at $400 off the retail price.

All in all, we’ve been impressed by EVELO, both the company and the e-bikes. 

EVELO E-Bike Reviews