How to lock the Urban Arrow

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We recently made the decision to buy an Urban Arrow Family and are absolutely loving it. We ride it on our commute to daycare with the kids: one sits in the bucket seat in the cargo bin and one sits on the Thule seat in the back (because they’re still under 1 year old). We can’t wait until they both sit in the cargo bin! Even with kids in the bucket seat, we still have room for a stop at the grocery store on the way home and frequently use it to run errands around the city.

Given this was not a small purchase (the base price is $6,999 + $400 for the rain cover), it is very important to us that we have proper security. Keep reading for our tips on how to lock your Urban Arrow Family.

How do I lock my Urban Arrow bike?

First, we always utilize the wheel lock on the Urban Arrow Family. This is an ABUS wheel lock that is built in and comes with the e-bike. From there, we also recommend the ABUS Frame Lock (Loop Chain Extension). This is an incredibly sturdy lock made of hardened steel.

To engage the rear wheel lock, all you do is turn the key and push down on the side of it. This slides a curved bolt through the spokes and around the rear wheel. Sometimes, you need to adjust the position of the rear wheel so that bolt doesn’t get stopped by a spoke, but that rarely happens.

A close up photo of the ABUS rear wheel lock on the Urban Arrow
ABUS wheel lock

Next, we use the loop chain extension to attach the e-bike to a bicycle rack. To do this, you loop the chain around a bike rack and then insert the end of the lock into the ABUS wheel lock. (check out our instagram post for a demo). Another nice element of this lock is that if you are somewhere without a bike rack but have multiple e-bikes you want to secure, you can use the Urban Arrow as the anchor point and loop the chain around multiple e-bikes, connecting them all together. This makes the e-bikes difficult and heavy to move.

A close up of the ABUS chain loop attached to a railing and the Urban Arrow
ABUS chain loop extension

To be extra cautious, you can also add an AirTag to the Urban Arrow, so if it is ever stolen, you’d be able to track its location on your phone. You can disable the AirTag’s sound mechanism so it doesn’t make a “ping” sound when you’re searching for it. The AirTag is also designed for finding your keys around the house, hence its noise-making capability, which obviously would only alert a thief that there’s an AirTag on your Urban Arrow! We added an AirTag to the underside of the seat in the cargo bin and found a helpful video on how to disconnect the speaker from the Airtag. We also put it in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t get all sticky from the tape to make it easier when we need to replace the battery on it.

Our Airtag taped to the underside of the kid's seat in the cargo bin
Our Airtag taped to the underside of the kid’s seat in the cargo bin

With two locks and an AirTag, we feel confident that our Urban Arrow Family is as secure as possible when we’re taking it all around the city and locking it up outside.

Common Questions

How do I lock my e-bike?

Typically when we’re out and about as a family, Tyler rides the Urban Arrow Family, and I ride my RadRunner. To lock up my RadRunner, if there’s no bike rack, we use the Urban Arrow Family as an anchor and lock my e-bike to the Urban Arrow with the ABUS Frame Lock. If there is a bike rack, I use my ABUS Folding Lock. This is super easy because when I’m not using it, I just keep it folded and stored directly on my bike frame.