Ride1Up, based in San Diego, California, was founded in 2018 by Kevin Dugger, a seasoned bike mechanic who wanted to bring name components to consumers at an affordable price. To achieve this, they’ve kept their marketing costs and margins low. At the time of their launch, there were few quality e-bikes available for less than $2,000.

We’ve been impressed with the range of models that Ride1Up has produced and their attractive price points. Their most popular model, the 700 Series, is among the best e-bikes available.

While some customers have reported issues with Ride1Up’s customer service, we have not experienced any problems. When a friend found that the brake rotor on his Ride1Up e-bike was damaged during shipping, Ride1Up promptly offered to reimburse him for a replacement part from a local bike shop. He was able to hit the road again within a few hours.


Overall, we highly recommend Ride1Up e-bikes. Check out our Ride1Up e-bike reviews below.

Ride1Up E-Bike Reviews