Things to think about before your first commute

I found this great page that has a list of 13 things to consider and a list of things to think about with your fellow workmates – the article is by By Gale Bernhardt For –

In short here are the 13 things to consider

  1. Begin with an achievable distance.
  2. Start with an achievable frequency.
  3. Wear a helmet.
  4. Wear clothing that can easily be seen by motorists.
  5. Don’t make a big deal out of special clothes and gear.
  6. Consider cycling shorts.
  7. Do a dry run on the weekend.
  8. Find routes with minimal traffic.
  9. Learn how to change a flat.
  10. Carry a cell phone and call for help if you have significant mechanical trouble.
  11. Take your clothes to work the day before you commute.
  12. Strategize your clean up time before work.
  13. Watch for parked car doors swinging open.

What’s Cool

  • One pant cuff rolled (hint: the right one)
  • Racks or panniers to carry commuting essentials
  • Bike commuting for any portion of your trip to work, even if it’s riding to a public transportation hub
  • Recruiting a friend to ride with you
  • Bike commuting in less-than-perfect weather conditions

What’s Not

  • inside-out bike shorts hanging on your cubicle wall
  • Riding on sidewalks
  • Listening to music while you should be listening for potential hazards around you
  • Weaving in and out of stopped or slowly moving traffic
  • Darting across medians and riding against traffic