About Me

My name is Helen, and for most of my grown up life I have struggled to keeping my weight “healthy”, to this day I have no idea what “healthy” really means, all I know right now is I am uncomfortable, and I need to do something longterm about it.

For years now my husband and I have driven to work, the public transport system isn’t the best and not very cost affective, so it has been a no brainer for us to drive to work, both of my last jobs have come with free parking or a car and free parking.  But things are about to change!  I have a change of job in the pipeline and I figure why not change a few things up.  I am going to commute to my new job on an e-bike to get my exercise.  For the remainder of 2017 I am setting a realistic target of “commuting at least 3 times a week on a e-bike”.

This site is to help me and others who toy with the idea of biking to work, and how we can make this a reality