Spring is here

So earlier in the year I finally got my e-bike, and a long with a new job I was already to commute to work, but the winter really set in, I so feel like that’s an excuse, but I just couldn’t find the will to get out there.

Now spring is here and I’m looking for inspiration to get out there, and to also tackle the trip to work. There is one big hurdle I just can seem to get my head around, the 2km (1.2mi) 8 percent hill I need to get up on the way home. It’s the biggest head stopper,  I’m interested in others feedback on this??



One thought on “Spring is here

  1. That road looks as though it could busy during rush hour. Are there any alternative routes? From experience if there are they are likely to take you longer and have a gradient as well. How long is your trip? If this is the only route, just think that it is ONLY 2km & the sacrifice of pain is temporary. You are on an e-bike after all so it could be worse. As you get fitter you’ll enjoy the challenge after a while. Another positive that keeps me going on a climb (it’s all relative as I live in a pretty flat part of the UK) is that going uphill always involves going downhill at some stage.


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