Where do I start?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I tend to jump into life changing moments with vim and vigor, only be to be disappointed in myself when I loose my way.

This time however I need this change to stick, so I am researching to find as much information around making this transformation as I can.  This is so I can plan and set realistic expectations, and love the change.

While I have been looking at this for some 6 months now, I have found it rather hard to find information on what to expect if commuting on a bike or even an e-bike.  It seems only hardcore street cyclist in their lycra seem to post.

On a resent trip to Amsterdam and some of the main Nordic countries, I saw first hand that commuting on a bike is the norm, and no special “lycra gear” is required.  After spending 6 weeks gorking in the windows of every bike shop I could find on my holiday I have decided to take the next step and make this apart of my weekly commute.

So I have been home 4 weeks now, and research research research seems to be where I am at. To be honest I have found it hard to get a good understanding on the following key points:

  • What type of e-bike would be best?
    • How do you even learn about the best motors, bike shapes, and size?
  • Do I need to get a degree in engineering to understand any of this??
  • Cycling paths vs riding on the road
    • what does my city council supply and what is coming?
  • How am I going to keep committed in this winter weather??
  • What accessories for a bike are need to haves vs that looks pretty!
  • Helmet – don’t get me started on helmets, seems like there is loads of choices if you want to be some road aerodynamic commuter, but I want something that is conformable, water proof, and most importantly – Safe
  • My list could go on and on and on!!!

To help bring some order into my decision making, and to help others thinking of doing the same, I decided to create this website….so welcome to my chaos!


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